Delivery & Payment Terms

Delivery & Payment Terms

Our warehouse is always full, 365 days a year, and this allows us to distribute the products in a very short time, even within 24 hours from the request if necessary (shipping conditions depend on the contract and the area where the product will be shipped).

Thanks to 3 special trucks, we can deliver the products in the Marche Region in 24 hours.

Shipping conditions
The delivery in Italy is expected within 2-3 working days from the confirmation of payment, but there can always be delays for the preparation of the goods or unexpected with the courier.
The first order from a new customer can be shipped up to 4-5 working days for administrative reasons.

Shipping cost in Italy
The shipping costs for the Italian territory are as follows:
For orders of less than 299 euros: 9 euros
For Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia: 12 euros
For orders over 300 euros: free shipping

International shipping conditions and costs
The conditions and costs for international shipments vary depending on the country of destination and the amount of the goods: at the time of the request, an estimate will be provided with details of shipping costs and times.

The bank details for payment will be provided to the customer from time to time.

Get in contact with us today to talk about your needs: together we will find the best solution to meet your needs and those of your customers, without ever losing sight of the quality of the products offered.

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